Nomos Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to nurturing all people around the world to live in global peace and prosperity. It also addresses the individual's pursuit of happiness guided by an intimate inner friendship with the Divine Harmony through prayer or meditation thus allowing the individual to become deeply bonded with Divine Harmony as is understood in his or her religion or way of life. Divine Harmony is a common name for the source of all. Most humans since the beginning of time have believed that everything comes from one source, which we call the Divine Harmony.

Some believe the source of all is nature and nothing is God. These are naturalists. Others are supernaturalists and believe that there are many Gods, or one God, or that everything is God. The common name "Divine Harmony" means all of these, so believers in different religions and ways of life can talk to each other about how the Divine Harmony guides their lives. For instance, Christians and Muslims may speak to each other about the Divine Harmony. The Christians will think of Jesus Christ when they hear of the Divine Harmony. The Muslims will think of Allah when they hear of the Divine Harmony. Nomos Foundation speaks in terms of the Divine Harmony to make it easier for all believers to participate in our celebrations and mission to nurture global peace in the world.

Nomos Foundation reaches out to people through the Internet, group seminars, and small group meetings. You can find out more about us from our four main sites: is the website for Nomos Foundation, which was explained above. is the location of the monthly global unity celebration for people all over the world no matter their religion or way of life. We to celebrate our common unity and our harmonious rich diversity on the first of each month. The people then go forth to their respective churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and meeting halls to worship peacefully and passionately in their own way, while nurturing others to do the same. is where you can learn how to have a life-long intimate inner friendship with an inner friend. The inner friend is one who knows you better than you do and how you should respond to situations in life to move toward your personal fulfillment as a whole person - your happiness. is our blog. Visit our blog if you want to know what is happening in the global knowledge civilization or with the Nomos Foundation. The blog also provides excellent advice for successful living in our fast changing times.